Sunday, November 2, 2008

"Now Introducing the Starting Line-up for the Su'a Family!"

Leading off for the Su'a's is Justin. He enters this season with a Degree from BYU in Communications and is currently a Religious Educator at Mountain View High School. His teammates describe him as "hard working", "silly", and one of his teammates even said that he is "hot stuff". Justin is currently preparing for a Masters Degree in the Psycho-Social Aspects of Sport (Sports Psychology) at the University of Utah. He is a mental game coach for athletes and works one-on-one as a baseball instructor.

Batting second for the Su'a's is the "Captain" of the team...MELISSA!!!! Her teammates say that she is a five-tool player: Fun, Smart, Beautiful, Spiritual, and an Amazing Cook. Melissa is always putting her teammates needs before her own, and she currently earns the highest salary on the team (recipient of the most hugs-and-kisses).

Now, introducing the crowd pleaser of the team....JAAAAARRROOMMM! Jarom just completed his "second" season on this Su'a team. Right from the beginning Jarom has made his presence felt, this guy is hilarious! When he's not talking, he's singing, when he's not doing that, he's dancing, if he's not dancing, he's playing sports, and when that's not happening, he's probably tackling some of his younger teammates. Jarom has an infectious smile, a warm personality, and a zest for life. His coaches say, "Everyday Jarom adds something to this team...This kid not only makes our team better, but Jarom makes the world a better place to live in."

Batting Fourth, and just finishing her rookie "year" with the Su'a Family...MMYYYYAAAAA! Mya has been a HUGE addition to this Su'a Family. She came to the team one year ago and immediately made her presence felt with her beautiful big brown eyes, her gorgeous smile, and her contagious laugh. Mya has brought more laughter to the team with her recently acquired dance moves. Mya LOVES her teammates, she especially like to play with her buddy Jarom. Mya enjoys reading books, testing everything out by putting it in her mouth, and has incredible flexibility. Mya's coaches say, "She is an angel sent from heaven...We are so blessed to have her on our team...She is a very obedient young girl and we would not be complete without her in the line-up."

And last (for now) but not least, here is EEEELLLIIIIAAAANNNNAAA! Eliana or Eli (as her teammates call her) was acquired by the Su'a Family "3-months" ago. When she first joined the team her full head of hair was the talk of the locker room. Now they talk about her laugh and her perma-smile. Some may say that "three-months" is too early to have a starting role on a team, but Eliana has proved all those nay-sayers wrong. Her coaches say, "Eli plays beyond her age...She has a positive attitude, and makes everyone happy...Her presence alone has made everyone on the team play better."


Marta said...

Great pictures!!!Ilove to see the grandchildren and the videos!!!Keep them coming. Grandma Marta

Ryan said...

WOW! It's been a long time since we've talked, because we didn't know about your two newest teammates! Melissa deserves the MVP for life!

Brittney and I are so excited. We need to get in touch - Lots of Love - Brittney & Ryan Allenbach

Leah and Alex said...

I love it!!! That's great that you now have a blog. Isn't it fun? It sure takes much time and effort, but it keeps us posted. I am so excited for Alex to see the blog, he will love it. He is currently sleeping, but when he awakes it will be the first thing he does. Love you guys and keep the camera rolling.

The Maldonado Family said...

hey Justin your family is so cute. Congrats on the cute children glad to see you are doping so well. Lorena (Ramirez)

Kim said...

Justin and Melissa!! It's Kim Rodriguez from our college wyview days! Your Family is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! You two are just as perfect as ever! It was great to find you!